5 Spot

Neighborhood: Queen Anne
Price Rating: $30-$45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 10
Average rating: 4
1502 Queen Anne Ave. N (Map it!)
(At Galer St.)
Seattle 98109

Reviewed 2003-12-17 (Reviewer)
I am on a quest for fried chicken. I live in New York where the only kind of fried chicken you can get is Swanson's served in a diner. I came to this place, hoping to get one of the famed breakfasts I had heard so much about. Forget it, the wait was an hour for one. I came back that evening, and I am glad that I did. The fried chicken is homemade and delicious. I sat at the counter and everything that came out of the kitchen looked equally inviting. The wait staff was extremely friendly and helpful. What a great place to soak up the atmosphere of a wonderful city like Seattle.

Reviewed 2003-09-28 (Reviewer)
I went there once at night time. Order 2 main dish and 2 dessert. This restaurant was voted the best of Seattle, but I found that none of my dishes was acceptable. Because I was hungry, (and the food was not cheap) I had to swollow most of the food. About the service, IT WAS VERY BAD. one of the dessert that I ordered was butter scotch icecream. When the icecream arrive my table, it was over half way melted. I wonder how far the waiter had to walk to bring me the icecream.

Reviewed 2003-02-10 (Reviewer)
This restauraunt is almost always packed with long lines. The place is really too small to keep up with the demand. Be prepared to wait outside in the rain..because there is no space to wait inside. Once you do get a seat, service is slow and make sure they give you water in a larger glass then the jars they serve it in...because they will fail to refill it. The theme does not change very often (maybe once a year it seems). The italian food theme right now is terrible! Try Queen Anne Cafe down the street...its food is much better and service is ALWAYS friendly and fast!

Reviewed 2002-07-12 (Reviewer)
The 5-Spot features an ever-changing regional menu based around a solid framework of continual favorites. I've been eating breakfast there most every weekend for the past five years and never tire of it. The ambiance is a cacophony of bustling activity and it's one of the few places in Seattle where you can really feel an abundance of life and energy on a weekend morning in an otherwise sleepy western town. The regional menu and decor of the restaurant change themes every couple of months from things such as "Conch Republic" to "Route 66." The food can be described as American Classic with a bit of flair. My favorite breakfast item is the Salmon Scram, scrambled eggs with salmon, green onions and a dash of cream cheese, loaded on the side with more hash browns than Idaho can export in a week. The staff is great despite the "fire-drill" nature of a weekend brunch crowd, especially if you take the time to get to know them as a repeat customer. There is almost always a long "wait" on weekend mornings since this is probably the most popular breakfast spot near downtown. The wait is bearable by simply grabbing a cup of joe from the bar-counter before taking up conversation with your group or new friends you might meet in line. You might also try the Coastal Kitchen on Capitol Hill, east of downtown as it is owned by the same group.

Reviewed 2002-06-12 (Reviewer)
The 5-Spot is one of those places that you can always count on to have good solid food after a late-night movie or play. They have pretty good food from a menu that changes often but can always be coutned on to have a few reliable "standbys". And, did I mention that the good, strong coffee...? Enjoy!

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