Bis on Main

Neighborhood: Bellevue
Price Rating: $30-$45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 4.5
10213 Main St. (Map it!)
Bellevue 98004

Reviewed 2002-06-12 (Reviewer)
Quite simply one of the finest restaurants I have ever been to. Food is generally excellent (at worst, it's very, very good), the wait staff are intelligent, professional, solicitous, and genuinely friendly, and the omnipresent owner Joe Vilardi is a warm and gracious host. Prices can be steep, but if you don't mind forking over a few extra bones for a superior dining experience, its well worth it. The wine list is extensive and well-chosen to compliment the cuisine, though again, pricey. Somewhat of an undiscovered gem - small (probably only 12-14 tables), quiet, with a slightly older clientele, it's still a great spot for a quiet romantic dinner, or entertaining discerning friends or family.

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