Brad's Swingside Cafe

Neighborhood: Fremont
Price Rating: $30-$45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 4.5
4212 Fremont Ave. N (Map it!)
Seattle 98103

Reviewed 2002-06-13 (Reviewer)
Next time you have some old friends visiting from out of town, take them to Brad's Swingside for dinner. The cozy atmosphere promotes wine-drinking and conversations that start over antipasto and wind up over tiramisu. The restaurant has a mom-and-pop feel to it. Once we came by for dinner and were disappointed to find it closed; the note on the door apologized and explained that their dishwasher was broken. Another time we arrived with a largish party (out of town guests, naturally) and were seated in the glassed-in porch overflow. The fishnet and buoy decorations on the porch sought to create the atmosphere of a seaside cafe in Europe, but I prefer the warm terracotta and dim lighting inside. <p>The food is exceptional. The hazelnut pesto is decadently rich. Choose the pasta with clam sauce if you're in the mood for something more delicate. The homemade ravioli is a winner, as well, and the meats are carefully seasoned and perfectly cooked. There is no kids menu, but they've done half portions for us in the past.

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