Neighborhood: Bellevue
Price Rating: $30-$45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 2
Average rating: 5
15600 NE 8th St (Map it!)
Bellevue 98008

Reviewed 2004-08-14 (Reviewer)
this is our favorite Italian restaurant. The fact that we live nearby doesn't hurt either. The waiters are great. The gnocchi is to die for. There's a movie theatre nearby though, so you need to factor that in if you don't have a reservation -- the place is liable to be busy if between movies.

Reviewed 2004-01-12 (Reviewer)
My family is Sicilian, so authentic Italian cuisine has always been something I grew up with, and something I craved to find when I moved out to Seattle after college. One night, I was invited out to dinner by a cute girl that I knew at work. She offered to take me to an Italian place. I cringed, knowing that her standards of a good Italian meal were probably far different than mine. I was in for a surprise.<p>Firenze is in the most unexpected place. Hidden in a corner of the crappy Crossroads mall, and lit from the outside by a neon side, I didn't expect the fantastic ambience when we walked in. When you eat there, you are treated like family. The food is fantastic: just like Dad makes. I recommend just about anything but in particular: the Ravioli Aurora, Rigotoni al Amatriciana, and Veal Picatta dishes are to die for. <p>I love this place so much that when I wanted to ask the young lady who first took me there to marry me, this is where I did it. The staff made all accomodations to make the ocassion special, and desert was on the house. You have to check Firenze out.

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