Fremont Classic

Neighborhood: Fremont
Price Rating: $15-$30 per person
Hours: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 3
4307 Fremont Ave. N (Map it!)
(At 43rd St.)
Seattle 98103

Reviewed 2002-11-01 (Reviewer)
It's a neighborhood restaurant -- expect to find tables of families (sometimes replete with crying children), couples on dates, Fremont glitterati. <p>The Classic's caeser salads are way too garlicky (and I love garlic). Their pizza (depending on the pizza chef) is pretty good. I like their pastas (though pasta wouldn't be their strong suit).<p>The servers have been, without exception, helpful, friendly and highly accommodating. Like family (or nicer than family).

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