Il Terrazzo Carmine

Neighborhood: Pioneer Square & SoDo
Price Rating: Over $45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 4.5
411 1st Ave. S (Map it!)
Seattle 98104

Reviewed 2002-07-25 (Reviewer)
For my money, Carmine's in the best Italian restaurant in town. It's about as far removed from the red sauce pipeline as you can get, and is the house to prove that good Italian leaves the French far behind. I've enjoyed quiet dinners for two, and parties for 12, and neither the kitchen nor the floor missed a beat. In fact, arranging the party was a pleasure as the maitre d' and the sous chef made recommendations and helped me make choices that resulted in a splendid evening. They even met my request of having fresh, white peaches as an accompaniment to our desert selections. I'm partial to the calamari, and the filet, but I've not heard of anyone having less that a terrific dinner. The ambiance is light and lovely, and the service is better than good. Highly recommended.

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