Mona's Bistro

Neighborhood: Green Lake & Phinney Ridge
Price Rating: $30-$45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 2
Average rating: 4.5
6421 Latona Ave. NE (Map it!)
(At 65th St.)
Seattle 98115

Reviewed 2002-09-06 (Reviewer)
Forget the trendy and pretentious restaurants downtown, and while you are at it forget the crazy traffic as well. Mona's is a great little restaurant tucked into a casual little neighborhood just a few blocks from the freeway. The dining room is formal enough to be special, and casual enough to be comfortable. The bar is relaxed and well-suited to chatting with friends, or just hanging out after a long day at work. The food is always excellent, and the cocktails well-made. The overall culinary theme of the restaurant is Mediterranean, but without being overtly "regional". You'll always find a wonderful and slightly eclectic selection of things to choose from. I've never been dissapointed with anything I have had.

Reviewed 2002-05-30 (Reviewer)
Mona's is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle. The restaurant side is perfect for an intimate dinner with friends, and the bar side has a more casual atmosphere, perfect for cocktails. Everything is a bit pricey, but I highly recommend the filet mignon and cosmopolitans. Don't miss Thursday and Saturday nights when they have live jazz near the bar.

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