Neighborhood: Downtown
Price Rating: $30-$45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 7
Average rating: 4
1420 5th Ave. (Map it!)
(At City Center Mall, 3rd floor)
Seattle 98101

Reviewed 2003-03-03 (Reviewer)
I tried Palomino for the first time tonight and liked it very much. I had one of their pasta dishes and although slightly overpriced, it was worth it. Service wasn't anything outstanding, but no complaints either. They also have an excellent bar menu. Definitely a good spot if you're in the mood for something a little more intimate than Cheesecake Factory downtown but not nearly as pricey as something like The Met. I will definitely be returning.

Reviewed 2002-06-06 (Reviewer)
The Palomino serves up tasty thin crust pizzas, and great cocktails, among other more complex entrees. Its the perfect place to rest your feet if you're shopping downtown, or to meet<br>you colleagues for a drink after work. The interiors, replete with (Seattle) glass chandeliers, and cityscape views, will make you feel like you are in a bustling metropolis. Hang in the bar, and you'll be able to catch a televised sports game. Request a table if you prefer a more formal meal.

Reviewed 2002-06-02 (Reviewer)
I'm a frequent diner at Palomino's due to its proximity to many shows and theaters. Overall, the quality of their food is good, but on occasion I have found (for instance with their pizza) that while decent, the taste was fairly mediocre. Other dishes, such as almost all their pasta dishes as well as their desserts, were definitely worth the money. I've found some of their meatier entrees, such as their seafood dishes, to be disappointing: slightly overcooked & again, nothing special. A very good, quick pre-theater bite or lunch.

Reviewed 2002-05-30 (Reviewer)
Palomino is one of my favorite places to go downtown. Hidden away on the second floor of the City Center building at the corner of 6th and Union, the menu is surprisingly interesting and varied, the food is generally quite well prepared, and the service is usually solid. Importantly, they validate parking for the evening -- which makes it a great place to go when you're seeing a movie at Meridian 16 or Pacific Place or a show at the Parmount or ACT. They have a very nice menu for kids too, featuring flat pan-style pizzas. And I'm a sucker for their gorgonzola-covered waffle fries. The bar can get a bit boistrous (there's also smoking in the bar), but most of the restaurant is on the other side of the building, and if you happen to be seated a little close, they are gracious and responsive to requests to move further away. A great after-work place for the whole family. Reservations will avoid a half-hour plus wait on Thursdays and Fridays. d

Reviewed 2002-05-30 (Reviewer)
Went to Palomino for dinner... The service was excellent and my paella was delicious... The rest of my parties dinner look just as good.. The decor was warm and inviting... A great place to stop in if your loitering down and around Rainer Tower....

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