Pete's Pizza - The Calzone King

Neighborhood: Queen Anne
Price Rating: Under $15 per person
Hours: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

Number of reviews: 3
Average rating: 3
1919 Queen Anne Ave. N (Map it!)
Seattle 98109

Reviewed 2003-04-14 (Reviewer)
Some friends and I had a tradition of eating here every tuesday or so for about 6 months. <p>The calzones are great with one caveat. Twoards the end of our weekly meetings some of us began having nasty side effects after eating here. That side effect was spending the better part of the remaining evening in the bathroom with a magazine. Eater beware, have a fast car or live close to the restraunt.

Reviewed 2002-06-06 (Reviewer)
Pete's is a family favorite for us. I think they have one of the best pizzas in the northwest, particularly the garlic and pepperoni. Their calzones are pretty good too. (At least, I don't know where else in Seattle you can find them this good, and I'm from NY.) It's a smallish restaurant, nonsmoking, with a bar, good beers, and yet very family friendly. (They have Pictionary cards and drawing pads at the tables, which kids 7 and older will love.) Highly recommended for a casual meal in Queen Anne.

Reviewed 2002-05-30 (Reviewer)
I don't know if I went there not at the right moment of the day (afternoon on a weekend) but my calzone was very heavy and not that cooked.<br>I'll give them a second chance one day

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