Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Price Rating: $15-$30 per person
Hours: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm

Number of reviews: 5
Average rating: 4.5
1401 E Madison St (Map it!)
Seattle 98122

Reviewed 2002-05-31 (Reviewer)
You know how New Yorkers like to pie a ton of cheese on their pizza? Then it gets all drippy and gressy, and Vegetarians freak all out because there can't be many things unhealthy for you?<p>Well, that's not Piecorra's. They would never do that to you. This is surprisingly tidy and tasty pizza. You can order it by the (good-sized) slice, or even buy a half-pie.<p>One thing they don't always do at Piecorra's is seat you, or provide descent service while you wait. But you can look at the cool pictures of New York City while you wait. And hey, everyone looks happy, so they must not have minded waiting.<p>It's at the junction of Madison Ave, 15th Ave, and Pine St -- so there are so many routes to find your way there.<p>Yeah, I would still say that the NY-style pizza makes it worth it.

Reviewed 2002-05-30 (Reviewer)
Piecora's is a pizza aficionado's haven in a landscape dotted with third-rate pizza joints and their taste-defying slabs of grease. Why dial Pizza Hut's number when you can support a small business with a better product? Great food, great place.

Reviewed 2002-05-30 (Reviewer)
Both the pizza and the service are about as close to the New York experience as I've found in Seattle. They have a great variety of toppings and special "pies" (as they call them in NY). The Italian dishes and heros are excellent here and the calzones are *huge*. Atmosphere is nothing fancy...red and white plastic-like table cloths but if you're just looking to eat and not impress anyone, who cares?

Reviewed 2002-05-30 (Reviewer)
First, I have to admit that I like my pizza prepared a certain way. And, luckily, Piecora's hits the spot.<p>For a pepperoni pizza, I like the pepperoni's to be just a little bit crisped/browned/burnt aroudn the edges, and for their to be plenty of juices/oils flowing around the pizza. So that when you pick it up, the cheese wants to migrate a bit, and the juices'll burn your mouth if you're not careful. But, if you do it just right, you get a mouthful of magic -- lovely sauces, crisp & tangy crust, and oh so delicious hot cheeses and crisp pepperonis. <p>That's Piecoras. <p>In addition, they have a great location on Madison, with great ambience (feels like a neighborhood pizzeria... which it is, of course!)

Reviewed 2002-05-30 (Reviewer)
I think this place might have the closest to "New York" style pizza. It certainly beats the big chains and I like them better than Pagliacci's. The only thing that may be detracting is that it's very greasy pizza. But I think that's what makes it so good. The pizza is also a little bit more expensive than other pizza joints, but well worth it. They offer free delivery (I think it's in the Capitol Hill area only), pickup, or you can eat in.

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