Romio's Pizza & Pasta

Neighborhood: Magnolia
Price Rating: $15-$30 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 3
Average rating: 2
2001 W Dravus St. (Map it!)
(At 20th Ave.)
Seattle 98199

Reviewed 2004-12-16 (Reviewer)
This is the Dravus location in Magnolia. We got delivery of 2 pasta entrees and a dessert. We live ~1/4 mile from the restaurant. <br /> <br />The food arrived cold, partially uncooked (both entrees), quite skimpy portions for the price. The dessert was unfortunately so stale that even our dog turned his nose up to it. When we requested a refund from the restaurant, they REFUSED. <br /> <br />This is the 2nd similar experience we have had here. We figured the first time was a fluke, and gave them another chance--bad idea. <br /> <br />Nasty and overpriced food, bad business. Stay away.

Reviewed 2002-10-11 (Reviewer)
As an employee of this place for a few years, it was a well known fact that you just don't eat the canadian bacon. <br>The cheese is the lowest grade found - it's not really all cheese. <br>The owner once scolded me for throwing away a moldy bag of cheese. He made me pick through it and take out the green parts. He then said "Whadda you think blue cheese is? IT adds flavor"<br>A "HELP WANTED" sign that never goes down is another clue.<br>Remember, make sure you see the waitress wash her hands before she handles a salad with her fingers right after a cigarette.

Reviewed 2002-06-07 (Reviewer)
No matter how many times they screw up our delivery order, they always try to make it right and to be quite honest, we don't have a choice but to keep going back. The Zorba pizza is unbelievable!!! By far our favorite at Romio's with Greek Feta, onions, tomatoes, greek olives, Greek gyros meat, mozzzrella, and Tzatziki sauce. <p>Their calzones tend to be a little dry. Entrees are good if you're dining in, but I wouldn't trust their delivery to have it delivered on time (or even still in the container). Their meatball sandwich is a hearty meal with plenty of leftovers. Overall, a good selection of decent family food.

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