Neighborhood: Wallingford
Price Rating: $30-$45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 3.5
4430 Wallingford Ave. N (Map it!)
Seattle 98103

Reviewed 2002-06-06 (Reviewer)
Simpatico is tucked away at the bottom of the Wallingford Center, a wonderful, old schoolhouse converted into shops. There is outdoor seating in a sunken patio area in addition to the cozy booths and tables inside. There is a wide selection of Italian dishes, and the food is good, but not spectacular. Monday night is historically half-price wine night. There's a deal for you. The desserts are very good, and the kid's meals come with an Italian ice.<p>I've had mixed experiences with the service. One time I was on the patio and more than once thought that I had been forgotten entirely. Another time, the restaurant was packed, and it took forever to get our food. I'll give it another try some night when I'm in no hurry.

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