Wallingford Pizza House

Neighborhood: Wallingford
Price Rating: Under $15 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 4
2109 N 45th St. (Map it!)
Seattle 98103

Reviewed 2002-06-06 (Reviewer)
Wallingford Pizza House is, in fact, a converted house on the 45th St. strip in Wallingford. The place feels positively homey, with warm woods, house plants, and slightly cramped quarters. The big north-facing windows give a great view of the sun-drenched (in summer) shops and pedestrians across the street. Also a bar, the Pizza House has a very limited selection of brews as well as a TV tuned in to the game.<p>The pizza is very, very good and very very cheesy. This is chicago style pizza, thick and dripping with artery-clogging butter and cheese. The specialty pizzas offer up more than your standard pepperoni fare, with custom pies like the Famous Spinach (layers of spinach and cheese), Greek (spinach, feta, olives, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers) and my favorite, the Garlic van goat (mozarella, goat cheese, raosted garlic cloves, peppers, artichokes). The Pizza House is "Home of the Dome", which is pretty much a pizza topped with pizza crust. <p>While not the best everyday pizza place around (Pudge Brothers wins that honor), Wallingford Pizza House is the choice for when you want to sit down for a great pizza. Dollar bottled beer specials for lunch make it a great choice for lazy Friday afternoons.

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